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At MASTER, we aim to deliver a one stop shop service to our clients. We offer a wide range of expertise be it ship management, legal, financial, procedural and administrative required for company formation, ship and crew registration and certification, under several jurisdictions but particularly under Maltese Law.

We offer our professional services to a wide ranging global clientele that include ship owners, managers, charterers, ship operations, builders, manning agents, banks, financial institutions and legal offices amongst others for whom we also act as resident agents or authorised representatives.


By engaging MASTER as a Resident Agent or Legal Representative, the Client gets a Competitive Advantage. MASTER is a service provider where, in its core business, the product delivered is the service itself, where our years of experience are utilised for the benefit of our clients. Furthermore, shipping is a highly personal business where relatively easy access to the decision makers is imperative. This is consistent with the philosophy and practice at MASTER. A 24/7 personal service at reasonable charges ensures the service rendered is direct, timely, professional and delivered in a cost-effective manner.

The Team

Our professional team is made up from individuals and affiliates within the major Maltese Maritime law firms specializing in maritime, vessel finance and litigation.  The team has been this business for years and throughout has built a solid reputation with countless clients as well as with the key players involved in managing the Maltese Flag Administration. Our professional staff and international network of associates take pleasure in providing our clients with a personal and efficient one stop service where bureaucracy is kept at a minimum, and wherever possible, even eliminated. This personalised service is aimed at providing efficiency above all else. Our years of experience in this sector allows us to get things done fast. We know the policies and procedures of the Maltese Flag Administration inside out and that enables us to manoeuvre around the “red tape” and bureaucracy.


The purpose of MASTER is to provide comprehensive administrative, legal, representation and technical services related, in particular to ship, company, mortgage and crew registration and certification under Maltese law and, where possible, other jurisdictions thus serving as a dynamic liaison between the client and the Administration.

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