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Taking care of your vessel is our number one priority.  Here at Master, we offer all the services at the best rates and quickest time possible.  Some of our services are;

  • Hull Maintenance

  • Hull Cleaning

  • Anti-fouling & Osmosis

  • Polishing

  • Servicing & Parts

  • Boat Lifting

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Insurance

  • Vessel Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Marine Friendly Wrapping

  • Vessel Painting

  • Replacing & Repairs of Sails

  • Repairs in Steel-Wood-GRP-Carbon Fibre-Aluminium

  • Electrical Engineering

  • IT Solutions

  • Carpentry & Upholstery

  • General maintenance and repairs

Yacht Care Taking

At MASTER we take ownership of every service we deliver. When  yacht owners or skippers are not available on board, we offer a comprehensive complete maintenance scheme comprising of: Daily checking of mooring lines; Regular running of engines, checking oil, fuel and water tank levels; Battery maintenance and charge monitoring; Bilge checking and pumping as necessary, Dehumidifying (If required) and weekly interior airing. On pre-agreement, during bad weather spells, our crew monitor mooring lines 24hrs a day for the duration of extended bad weather periods, this can include night watches on board on request.

With MASTER you can also benefit from the vast network of specialty service providers on the island. Whether it is a planned maintenance or an emergency, we mobilize trained technicians to assist your vessel’s requirements. MASTER has agreements in place for berthing and lifting out to hard standing requirements as may be required. Thus under water line inspections, or repairs can be executed accordingly. 


At Master we also provide vessel brokerage.  Assisting in the purchase of small boats to huge superyachts, with Master its a one stop shop service.  If deciding to sell your boat, we can also take care of preparing your vessel to an A class condition and enlist it on the market.  With Master it is all about quality, reputation and attention to detail.  

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