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Malta is also an attractive base for yachts and super yachts whether pleasure or commercial, and at Master we assist our client so that they can maximize the benefits of registration to the Malta flag which include:


  • Attractive tax incentives to yacht owners encouraging commercial operations;

  • Attractive VAT Schemes to yacht owners;

  • An internationally accepted and reputable jurisdiction within the European Union;

  • No restrictions on the nationality of the yacht owner/charter, master, officers and crew serving on the yacht;

  • Low registration and tonnage taxes for Commercial Yachts;

  • An effective mortgage system over Maltese registered yachts;

  • No trading restrictions imposed on Maltese registered yachts;

  • No age limits for the registration of a yacht in Malta;

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week service in urgent matters;

  • One of the largest ship registers in the world that offers political, fiscal and social stability.

Registration of Ships, Yachts & Fishing Vessels

  • Registration of ships, yachts and fishing vessels under the Malta flag and other jurisdictions

  • Bareboat charter registrations

  • Ship owner, manager and financier representation

  • Resident agents for Maltese shipping organisations

  • Ship mortgage registration

  • Pleasure yacht registration

  • Yachting services

  • Ship and crew management

  • Crew certification

  • Marine insurance claim handling

  • Technical consultancy

  • Technical consultancy including ISM, ISPS and MLC Audit Services

  • Project handling including repairs and dry-docking

  • Development and implementation of office and shipboard manuals

Resident Agent Services

Master offers Malta resident agent services thereby acting as local representative for  international owners.

In Malta, any foreign entity enjoying legal personality, or an EU national may own a Maltese registered ship; however the international owner must appoint and ensure that it has a validly appointed Malta resident agent.

In terms of law, Master, as Malta resident agent also has the power to:

  • Act as the channel of communication between the international owner and Maltese government departments and authorities;

  • Sign and file with Maltese Government departments and authorities, on behalf of the international owner, all declarations and forms required in terms of Maltese law;

  • Apply, on behalf of the international owner, for the registration of a ship under the Act and for the closure of register of a ship, and to perform any ancillary act in relation thereto;

  • Pay all relative fees and taxes payable in terms of Maltese law;

  • Act as the judicial representative of the international owner for judicial proceedings in Malta;

  • And authenticate documents issued by the international owner.

Contact us to find out more information on how to benefit from favorable rates, hassle free service and any updated legislations.

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